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The report was quite surprising and produced a lot more than we anticipated. It did what it said – showed us where our vulnerabilities were and gave us recommendations on how to fix them.

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With cybersecurity comprising 10 out of the 40 pages of our international contract, we conducted a vulnerability scan to pinpoint security gaps. This empowered our IT team to prioritize and resolve the most pressing issues quickly and effectively.

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Within a few hours the insightful report it produces enabled us to identify vulnerabilities, certificate issues and misconfigurations.

It’s easy to read and even if you’re not technical, it’s super useful and explains what steps to take. The report is seriously in-depth and at the price bats way above its weight.

I would highly recommend it to website owners, especially those that store and processes consumer data or run e-commerce.

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As an IT services provider, cyber security is of utmost importance to us and our clients.

CyberProfiler is an invaluable tool to assess the state of a client’s cyber security.  It can be used very effectively to provide quick and necessary improvements when onboarding new clients or assessing the state of current clients, especially if their cyber footprint has changed.

The report is professional and in-depth while still maintaining a reader-friendly and to-the-point structure which makes it presentable to our clients. I would highly recommend to any IT services business.

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